Finish Plant Vogtle and Protect Consumers – We CAN Do Both!

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As a conservative, I support free-market energy solutions. A diversified energy portfolio of nuclear, fossil fuels, natural gas, wind and solar all work together to ensure the United States is not only energy independent, but also keeps cost more affordable. At the forefront of the most practical and cost-effective forms of energy today is nuclear power.
Through nuclear we have the opportunity to have a reliable energy source of carbon-free power for decades to come. As a consumer and a ratepayer, I want to make sure we take advantage of that energy source, and for that reason I support the completion of Plant Vogtle.

As Georgians we find ourselves in a dilemma without an easy answer. Units 3 and 4 are nearly 50 percent complete. While initially ratepayers were protected with a fixed-price contract, in the end the contractor could not perform. Fortunately that same contract required a guarantee by the parent company, which has made good on that guarantee and is now benefiting ratepayers.

As fiscal conservatives, it would not be the ideal situation to leave several billion dollars in ratepayers’ stranded assets and also lose thousands of jobs. We need to be able to harness that energy source for generations of Georgians to come while at the same time protecting Georgia ratepayers.

This is not a blanket statement. I strongly urge the Public Service Commission, who represents us; to work together to make sure we consumers are protected in this process. The PSC has already enacted mechanisms that cut shareholder profits by hundreds of millions of dollars as construction drifts off schedule. Even more protections are being considered.

We can protect Georgia ratepayers and make sure we have a clean, reliable energy source. Let’s not give up. Let’s keep Georgia moving forward

Julianne Thompson is a conservative activist and a Republican commentator on various news outlets in Georgia and across the United States. She is also a Georgia consumer and ratepayer.

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America’s Selective Outrage

July 31, 2015

I’ve seen many people enraged over the senseless and illegal killing of Cecil the Lion (and well deserved…I am too), but if you are intellectually honest it pales in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of human babies killed each year and organs harvested for profit by the butchers at Planned Parenthood.

I would question whether half the people enraged on Facebook about the lion even know, think about, or mourn for Christians and Jews in the Middle East being systematically butchered by ISIS.

We have rationalized murder for convenience and so desensitized ourselves to death, that we have little regard for life of any kind.

“Its a baby!”and “Another boy!” – Both of those statements were made by the Planned Parenthood “doctors” (and I use that term lightly) in the newest video release by the California-based Center for Medical Progress …referring to the aborted and dissected baby in the video (so that potential buyers could see what good samples the clinic can give them).

One doctor said “We can do better on the 2nd tris (trimesters), because the skull is so big you can reach in it with your hand to get the brain.” These are not physicians. These are not healers. These are money-hungry butchers with medical degrees who’s licenses should be taken away, because if ever the hypocratic oath was violated it is by the doctors at Planned Parenthood.

I see the usual people angry on FB and Twitter, but so many more people upset by the death of a lion. Jimmy Kimmel cried, but not a word for the baby boy in the video…and he was a baby boy, not a blob of meaningless tissue. Even the Planned Parenthood “doctor” said so.

I have asked a few friends who posted about Cecil, why they posted about the lion but not Planned Parenthood. One just stayed silent and looked down. One told me she was hesitant to post about such a controversial issue. She didn’t want to “tick-off” her friends who may be non-political with such a position. How could outrage against fetal organ harvesting be controversial? How could anyone think this is a non-issue?

Have you watched the videos? And if so why are you not outraged for those senseless deaths for profit? And tell me please how anger over a lion’s death is not political, just humane, yet anger over human death is controversial?

I am a mother – twice. I was both frightened and thrilled as my physician showed me the ultrasound of both of my babies. The first time I ever laid eyes on either of my children was via ultrasound at 11 weeks…the age of the aborted, dissected boy. Their tiny hearts were beating. I was in love. There was no way not to be, thus the reason the abortion lobby opposes mandatory ultrasound before abortion…even though ultrasound guides the abortion.

As a mother my heart aches, my stomach hurts, and I weep for what is happening. I try to be diplomatic, but I cannot be silent.

The death of Cecil the lion is tragic and his killer is a serial felon who doesn’t care about conservation (most real hunters do). But, the lack of outrage over these babies is far more disturbing. Fear and subsequent silence on the issue is the biggest outrage of all.

Atrocities perpetrated against humans should be our first focus. Only then can we speak out with moral credibility against human cruelty toward animals.

ZPolitics oped

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Open Letter to the RNC

August 27, 2012

By: Julianne Thompson – National Delegate, Georgia
Chairman Reince Preibus, members of the Rules Committee, and the entire voting delegation of the 2012 Republican National Convention:
As a National Delegate to the 2012 RNC, I am extremely disappointed that a rule would be passed through committee that essentially strips the grassroots of all of it’s representative power by ridding State Parties of their ability to choose whom they will send as delegates and alternates to represent their State to the Republican National Convention. The rules change would allow the Presidential nominee sweeping new power to override that process and choose their own National Delegates. The rule also allows the RNC (with only a 3/4 vote) the power to amend the party’s rules without a vote by the full Republican National Convention.
The GOP is the political Party of the grassroots. Our national delegates are the boots-on-the-ground that get Republicans elected. We are there for County meetings, State Conventions, National Conventions, and most importantly we spend our time and money canvassing our neighborhoods, going door to door, making phone calls, writing personal endorsement letters, and getting-out-the-vote for Republicans. We are the worker bees, and we are the heart and soul of the Republican Party.
We have always believed that our Party is the one who best represents what it means to be an American…freedom! With your current attempt at this rules change, you are essentially striking the first blow that chips away at that freedom, and you disenfranchise the very people that turned the tide for the GOP in 2010 by returning power in the U.S. House of Representatives to Republicans.
I would like to hope that our nominee is unaware of the skullduggery that occurred with regard to this attempt at shutting out the people that have unified to help him win in November. The audacity of creating a firestorm when there is an opportunity for unity and peace that is needed to win back the Senate and take back the White House is irresponsible and I seriously question the motives of those behind this attempt.
Why the change in rules? That is the million-dollar question, and it is fairly easy to answer. There are still those in place in the GOP and on campaigns that would like to use the delegate and alternate seats as rewards for donating large checks to campaigns and the RNC.
If your desire is to win elections, then I strongly suggest that you engage the grassroots and show respect to those who help put you in power.
During a time that should ring of unity, you have put the GOP at a crossroads. Do you want to win this election and future elections? Now is your opportunity to prove it. Either take it to the floor and let us vote it down, and better yet, pull this insulting attempt to disenfranchise the heart and soul of our Republican Party!
Julianne Thompson, National Delegate for Mitt Romney – Georgia

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